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procrastination station: I have adult ADD

a. booh 3k, mother f--ker

Glasses don't mean you're smart, just that your vision is poor.

I heard that black is this year's brown, which was the year before's navy, which was the year before's gray, which was the year before's black.

"idiocracy"-not to be confused with "idiocy." This is a neologism that came to mind when I was listening to Bush talk about democracy. Obviously, it means rule by the dumbest.

I enjoy taking pictures of tourists with their own cameras in places where I'm also a visitor.

I am careless and lazy. I will make typo's all over the place.

Funions should bring us together.

Funny: http://seanism.com/dlarea/pafiledb.php?action=watch&id=98


angry_booh3000 may actually be a spider-human hybrid


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